Your Jump N Land Birthday Guide

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Your Jump N Land Birthday Guide

Your Jump N Land Birthday Guide

Is there an important birthday coming up soon? If so, there are an endless amount of different ideas and thoughts for what you could do. While you could rent different inflatables and set up a personal party, we think you should consider something even better. We want to personally invite you to come to experience a birthday at Jump N Land. At Jump N Land, we can put your birthday party together for you and supply your kids with plenty of different things to do.

To help you see what kind of fun you and your kids can have at Jump N Land, we put together this Jump N Land birthday guide that will break down the different activities that we have to offer. 

Inflatable Birthday Paradise

One of the most wanted attractions for any birthday party, no matter the age range, is an inflatable bounce house, slides, obstacle courses, and so on. While you could rent out each of these different inflatables and set them up in your yard, this can be quite the headache. This would require a lot of different rental fees as well as making sure you even have the space to support the different inflatables. 

Jump N Land makes it easy for your kids to enjoy every inflatable they can imagine having. We are your inflatable birthday paradise. With so many different inflatables waiting to be used, your kids will never run out of things to do. They can expect a number of different sizes of bounce houses, slides, and so much more awaiting them. 

Full-Sized Arcade

While inflatables will entertain your kids for hours on end, they might want something a little more interactive. Don’t worry, we have you covered. Jump N Land has a full arcade that is ready for your kids to use. This isn’t just a small-time arcade. This is a full inside arcade that has all of the latest and greatest arcade games. You’ll find everything from incredible sports games to thrilling racing simulators. On top of that, each game you play will reward you with a number of tickets that can be redeemed for awesome prizes.

Party Packages Make It Easy

To make setting your party up even easier and more efficient, we offer different party packages that include different exclusive deals. The different packages we offer will cater to different sized parties and include a different amount of exclusive deals. For example, if you’re throwing a large party, we recommend choosing the “Super Adventure” package that gives your kid and their guest’s private playtime, a private decorated zone, custom invitations, and so much more. We know that we can create an amazing time for your kid and their special guests.

It’s Time to Party

We want to make your kid’s birthday special. At Jump N Land, we have everything you need in order to create a birthday party experience that they’ll remember for years. If you’re ready to get the party started, contact us today so we can reserve your spot.