Win Big Prizes at Jump N Land

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Win Big Prizes at Jump N Land

Win Big Prizes at Jump n Land

Everyone loves spending some time at the arcade. These are places where the inner kid in all of us comes out and shines. With so many different games, there’s something for everyone to explore and enjoy. While spending time at the arcade is fun, some of the most fun comes at the very end when you get to spend the tickets you won on big prizes. Jump N Land is no stranger to awesome prizes. You can win big prizes at Jump N Land!

These prizes are something you can look forward to. Our prizes are always being updated and changing. This means that each time you come you can look forward to new prizes on our prize wall! To help you win the biggest prize possible next time you visit, we put together some tips to help you win big prizes at Jump N Land!

Collet Those Tickets

This one isn’t a mystery, but the more tickets you collect, the bigger the prize you’ll take home. While this may seem like a big task, you don’t have to be the number one arcade player to accumulate those tickets. With just some time, patience, and teamwork, you can be on your way to winning an amazing prize. Here are a few things to remember on your journey to collecting the most tickets possible:

  • Patience is Key: Many games have time limits are other limitations that make the game seem frustrating after some time. It’s important not to get fed up and quit. Take time to learn the game and see the best possible route for raking in those tickets. Each game has a learning curve and it’s your job to find the right rhythm to the game.
  • Play to Your Strengths: Whether you have years of gaming experience or you’re a rookie in the virtual gaming world, there’s going to be a game that you excel at. Experience all the games in the arcade and find one that gels with you.
  • Put the Time in: Collecting a mountain of tickets takes time. Don’t be afraid to take some time to practice a game first so you can get the hang of it. It may take some time, but after some practice, you’ll become an expert at a game.

Improve Your Game Strategy

Those who come into our arcade love the time they spend here, but that doesn’t mean some will get frustrated or discouraged playing certain games. That’s understandable, but don’t forget that you’re here to have fun! The best advice we can give is to take a step back and relax. The arcade isn’t meant to be a ferociously competitive place. Coming back to the game relaxed and ready will improve your results. Some games that require some strategies to win include:

  • The Claw Machine: Claw machine games have been around since the beginning of arcades. While the premise is simple, actually winning a prize can take some strategy. Have your friends or family help with your placement.
  • Skeeball: Skeeball is probably one of the first games you think of when you think of the arcade. While it can seem simple to roll a ball down a lane, there is a certain level of strategy involved to hit the right target. Take time and remember to bend those knees. 

Win Big Prizes at Jump N Land!

We’ve all entered the arcade and looked at the big prizes on top of the wall. Giant stuffed animals, gaming consoles, you name it. Remember not to put too much pressure on yourself. Jump N Land is all about having fun, so make that your number one priority. If you’re ready to win big prizes, stop by Jump N Land today!