Things To Do With Your Kids This Summer

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Things To Do With Your Kids This Summer

It’s official, Summer is here. School is out and the kids are home from home school. After over a year of being stuck inside on zoom classes, they really need to get out and just be kids again. Many parents are wondering just what to do with their children for the summer vacation. Well, wonder no more. We have curated a list of fun activities that you can do with your kids that will ensure that they have the best summer ever.

This list gives you ideas on fun activities to do with your kids to keep them active and entertained. From swimming to Jump ‘N Land, we’re sure you’ll find something on this list to do. But if you only want to do Jump ‘N Land, we’re cool with that too!

At Jump ‘N Land, we believe everyone should play, every day. So whether they go for a bike ride or playing arcade games at Jump ‘N Land, below you’ll find a good starting list of fun activities that are sure to bring smiles to your kids’ faces.

6 Things to Do With Your Kids This Summer

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1 – Take a Bike Ride

Biking is a great physical activity. If you have any youngsters that are still a bit too small to bike on their own just grab a bike seat and strap them on. You can attach a seat to your bike or pull them in a trailer so everyone gets to enjoy the ride! Biking is a great way to enjoy nature with your kids and it’s also disguised exercise. They will have so much fun that they won’t notice they are exercising.

2- Take A Hike – No Seriously Go On a Hike

Hiking is, and always will be, a fantastic summer activity for families. There is nothing better than getting out into nature and seeing the sights. Enjoy the fresh air and the beautiful parks in your area. Many types of trails are available so that people of all fitness levels can get out and enjoy themselves. Don’t forget to bring along water so your little adventurers can stay hydrated.

3 – Backyard Bounce House and Slip N’ Slide Party

When you’re not biking or hiking and just want to have fun at home, then consider renting a bounce house. You can and a little razzle-dazzle by getting a slip n’ slide to add some water fun on those hot days. Set up is very easy and the kids are sure to have a great time. In fact, they will definitely be all played out and ready to have a great night’s sleep.

4- Go Park Hopping

Parks are a fun and free way to get out of the house and enjoy your community. They can offer a variety of amenities from playgrounds for kids, barbecue grills, and grassy areas for family picnics. Dive in and find out what’s available. Your kids are sure to love the adventure! Take along your favorite board games or a kite and take advantage of the wide-open spaces.  Take along your pets as well and let the entire family enjoy the great outdoors.

5 – Life’s a Beach…Or A Pool, Depending On Where You Live

The ultimate activity to do on a hot summer’s day is to go to the beach. If you don’t live near to the beach then find a pool near you. Don’t forget to pack your sunscreen and life jackets and bring along a boom box with your favorite tunes.

6 – Spend a Day at Jump ‘N Land – Indoor Inflatable Party Place

There are so many fun summer activities that you can do outdoors, but what indoor activities?   Instead of sitting inside watching your kids go stir crazy, how about spending an afternoon at Jump ‘N Land?
Our indoor trampoline parks offer exciting adventures and activities for kids of all ages. They can have unfettered fun playing hoops & skee ball, they can challenge themselves on our obstacle course, or they can make their way up our climbing structure. Even little kids will have a blast playing with you in the toddler zone! Challenge the high scores at the best indoor arcade in Texas and redeem your tickets for great prizes.  We offer great food options so you don’t have to worry about feeding the kids, we have you covered.
With all this fun, Jump ‘N Land makes an ideal place to have kids’ birthday parties and you don’t have to worry. We have several party packages available to suit any size and budget.

Choose Jump ‘N Land For The Best Things to Do With Your Kids This Summer

If you are looking for fun activities to do with your kids in Texas this summer, then look no further than Jump ‘N Land. With slides, swings, basketball hoops, and giant inflatables, our massive indoor playground provides the perfect opportunity to get your kids up, active, and socializing. To book your next party contact us here or call 903.893.4350 today!