Considerations When Opening Indoor Inflatable Play Centers

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Considerations When Opening Indoor Inflatable Play Centers

Indoor inflatable play centers, like Jump N Land, are a new take on your traditional entertainment center or arcade. These centers offer different inflatable games for kids, such as slides, bounce houses, and obstacle courses. They will also offer sections for arcade games where they can win tickets for prizes. You’ll also find other forms of entertainment you expect to find at an entertainment center. 

When these indoor inflatable play centers are done correctly, they can be a fun and lucrative business venture. Before you start inflating this dream, Jump N Land wants to give you a few things to consider.


The location of your inflatable play center can either make or break your business. It’s important you choose a location that has a high concentration of families and young children since this is the demographic you’re aiming for. Choosing a location that already has other family-friendly attractions like malls, water parks, and playgrounds will boost your business from the beginning. 

Think About the Kids

For the most part, families will visit these locations for their small children. This makes it crucial that the environment matches the demographic. It should be an area where kids can enjoy their time at the indoor inflatable play center. It should be a good balance where both kids and parents get to enjoy their time there. Sections with large inflatable attractions will be a hit with the kids.

Don’t Forget the Parents

While you’re trying to make an area that kids will enjoy playing, you can’t forget about the parents. This can be done by providing lots of seating and food and drinks. Retro arcade games can also be installed that the older crowd can enjoy as well. 

Serve Light Snacks and Meals

If you plan on serving food at your indoor inflatable play center, it’s important to avoid heavy meals. You want kids to be energized but not with a completely full stomach. This can lead to accidents in a high-energy environment with lots of movement.


Inflatable play centers will need regular maintenance to ensure that everyone is safe when playing. This includes deep cleaning everything each day and making sure each inflatable is still in working condition. This can be time-consuming but it will make sure your business stays in good standing with your customers. 

Looking for an Inflatable Play Center?

Indoor inflatable play centers are a great business venture but they can also be a lot of hard work. Before you set out on this venture, make sure you have a good location, ample seating, a variety of entertainment, and reliable staff that will keep everything running correctly. Inflatable play centers are still a new form of entertainment and business, so it can take some time to find the right formula. If your kids are looking for an inflatable play center, stop by Jump N Land for the time of your life.