Month: May 2022

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Indoor Inflatable Party or Home Inflatable Party?

Indoor Inflatable Party or Home Inflatable Party?

Planning a birthday party for your kids comes with a lot of decisions to make. Food, activities, goodie bags, and themes are just a few of the items on the checklist. You probably thought about renting inflatables for the event. They’re a great choice for all ages and they do a great job at keeping kids (and parents) entertained. Before you rent inflatables, have you considered an indoor inflatable party? To make the decision easier, we’ll break down the differences so you know which one is right for your party.

Limited Options

Rental companies will show you a large inventory of different inflatables you can rent. While these all look fun, renting them means you only have enough space for one or two. Some yards will only have enough space to support a bounce house or small slide. This is fine for small gatherings but birthday parties tend to be large. Kids may have to wait for others to finish before they can have fun too. 

An indoor inflatable party is built to support multiple inflatables at once. This means tons of space for bounce houses, obstacle courses, slides, castles, and more. Jump N Land offers plenty of inflatables to choose from. We also give access to a full arcade along with the inflatables. This gives more than enough to do for your kid and their friends. 


The cost of renting inflatables will often vary depending on the company and the size of the inflatable. Throwing a party at home also means having to purchase food, drinks, decorations, and other odds and ends. 

An indoor inflatable part can seem expensive, but Jump N Land offers party packages that make throwing a birthday party easy and affordable. This allows you to relax while we take care of the setup and execution of the party. 

Bad Weather

A backyard birthday party can be ruined in a matter of seconds if bad weather rolls in. Inflatables are difficult to use and can be dangerous in windy and rainy weather. Having an indoor inflatable party means the weather cant ruin the party. Having your party indoors means not having to watch the weather constantly. 

These areas are also climate-controlled meaning they will never be too hot or cold. Jump and run around as much as you want while never worrying about the weather. 


When you rent inflatables, you are often charged by the hour and have to have a minimum amount of time. If your kids want to take a break to eat, open gifts, or rest, you end up wasting money while it sits there. 

Indoor inflatable areas let you have the entire area for one set cost. Parks and other private areas may have their own limits set for how long you can have an inflatable in the area. 

Indoor Inflatable Party Done Right

If you want to have the best possible party, have an indoor inflatable party with Jump N Land. We have dozens of different inflatables to choose from, keeping your kids entertained for the duration of their party. This also includes a full arcade to play in. Contact us today to set up your next birthday party.