Month: January 2022

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Weekend Fun For Your Kids in Texas

With the start of 2022, school is back in session giving you some time to relax and destress. Even with school back, the weekends are still here and your kids are going to be looking for something to do to kill the time. The good news is we know just the place for weekend fun for your kids in Texas. Jump N’ Land has got you covered. This inflatable wonderland full of bounce houses, slides, arcade games and more will have your kids entertained for hours. 

With rotating slides and bounce houses, you’ll always have weekend fun for your kids in Texas.

Plenty of Stuff To Do

When you first arrive at Jump N’ Land, your child is going to be overwhelmed with all the different things to do. They won’t know where to begin their weekend of fun! Our 16-foot indoor slide will have your kids screaming with laughter and excitement. The full-size arcade has a variety of games they can play. Our indoor obstacle course will fuel the competition as they race their friends and see how fast they can do it. No matter how long you’re here, your kids will never want to leave. Weekend fun for your kids in Texas was just made a lot easier.

Weekend Specials Available

As the weekend is fun for your kids in Texas, we want to make sure that everyone can join. We offer specials during the weekend that gives your kids unlimited time to play and have fun. 

We also offer specials for birthday parties and special events. Our packages are available even if you want a special weekend for your kid and their friends. 

Everything is Sanitized and Clean

With the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, it’s understandable why you wouldn’t want your kids in an area where other kids and parents have been. That’s why you can rest assured knowing that we sanitize everything in our area. Before each play session, everything is properly sanitized so you and your child can enjoy everything Jump N’ Land has to offer. Weekend fun for your kids in Texas shouldn’t be a time to worry. Let us take care of it! We do have the current protocols in place: 

  • Sanitize your hands before entering the area
  • The temperature will be checked before entry
  • Everyone must sign a waiver/release form
  • Everyone over the age of 10 must wear a mask.

Weekend fun for your kids in Texas is just moments away at Jump N’ Land. To learn more about pricing and times or to book an event, visit our online contact form.