Month: September 2021

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School Is Almost Back In Session, So Here’s How To Have An Amazing Back To School Party!

As quickly as the school year has ended, the next school year is already upon us. To celebrate the yearly occasion, a back-to-school party is in order and we want to provide the best possible details to make sure it’s the best one to date! 

Back-to-school parties are an amazing way to give your kids a final, fun, send-off into the new school year! Plus, they can be a great way to bring enthusiasm and excitement for the school year ahead. 

Back to school parties are usually thrown at the end of the Summer holiday and can be hosted anywhere, usually at home or the backyard. If you’re looking for a change of scenery, however, and want to make sure there are loads of activities, like indoor arcades and inflatable indoor slides, make sure to head over to Jump N Land to plan your next back to school party!

Understand Your Kids Interest

A back-to-school party is only as good as the theme that’s given. With so many different viral topics and trends today, your kids’ interests are probably always changing and what they like today could probably be completely different by next week. Keeping track of what they are currently interested in can be a serious live saver for what the theme of a party should be.

Once a theme has been decided on, the rest should come naturally. Decorate the area with different colors and objects from what they enjoy. This is guaranteed to make them more excited for the party itself and, more importantly, more excited for the school year that’s ahead.

If you can’t decide on one, avoid the stress and let Jump N Land set it up for you! We offer lots of different packages that work for all sorts of different situations!

Provide Refreshments That The Audience Will Enjoy

While you may enjoy the taste of a fine bruschetta or nice calamari, we’ll take the chance and say the kids are probably going to social distance themselves away from that. Taking the audience of the party into consideration is extremely important.

It’s never a bad idea to play it safe and go with the usual popcorn chicken and mac and cheese as these are the classics that kids and adults alike will always enjoy. But let’s say we want to get a little fancy with it this year. Try going for caramel apples, school-themed cupcakes, or a fun popcorn blend that will have people craving more.

Activities That’ll Excite

What’s a party without some fun ways to keep everyone entertained? Trick question: there is no such thing. You don’t want everyone to show up and have them sitting there wondering why they came, to begin with, so consider some of these ideas for your next back-to-school party. 

BINGO. The timeless classic that never disappoints. Now that’s not to say you can’t modernize it or make it a little more fun. Try adding some incentives to the game for winning that will engage more interest in it. Maybe a prize consisting of candy, or even money. Guarantee that one won’t fail.

Water Slides. Who isn’t attracted to a water slide? Another trick question: everyone is. There isn’t anyone, no matter the age, who isn’t a little curious what it’s like to go full speed down a slide. Make it even more fun and engaging with tear-free soap and watch the fun go on for hours!.

Back To School Shirts. What better way to make back-to-school seem fun than have a back-to-school shirt competition. A cheap pack of white shirts and markers is all that’s needed but you could also make it more advanced with tye-dye, stencils, and paint!

Make your back-to-school party the best it can be! Jump N Land offers plenty of fun activities and hosts private parties for any need! Visit us or contact us at 903.893.4350 to plan your back-to-school party today!