Month: April 2021

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How to Throw an Awesome Arcade Game Party

Nothing gets the party started like classic arcade video games. When thinking of an awesome party theme for your next event—be it a birthday party for your child or a graduation party for your class, arcade parties are a great way for children to have a blast in a safe environment. Booking an arcade for your next birthday party is a great way to show the kids and children at heart a good time.

The beauty of arcade video games is in their universality. There is something for everyone of all ages and skill levels. For the younger children, there are simple games with far fewer complex storylines, simple controls, and quick gameplay. For the more mature gamers, there are more complex games that require more skill. These video games cause nothing but happy, adrenaline-filled moments filled with the thrill of trying to make it on the high-score roster, beating the games, and scoring tickets so you can collect an armful of prizes at the end of the day.

Jump ‘N land Party packages

Are you thinking about throwing an arcade-themed party? Jump ‘N Land is the ideal place in Sherman TX to do just that. Arcade game rentals offer a great many opportunities to throw a memorable party for your friends, colleagues, or family. Arcade video games are fool-proof additions to any event. Purchasing a package that fits your needs is going to save you a lot of time and money when it comes to planning your party. You can also make sure to secure a package that gives you a separate party room for your guests.

Arcade Game Party in Texas

An arcade-themed party could also use some music and dance games to get your guests moving, or perhaps some carnival games for a feel-good and nostalgic time. At Jump “N Land we keep the beat pumping so your guests and sing, dance, and have a great time. Jump ‘N Land has the perfect party games because they let your guests win all kinds of exciting prizes. You may likewise stir up everyone’s competitive nature by setting up table games or perhaps put them in head-to-head racing action. If you are expecting active guests, let them burn their energy with sports games then have their fill of delicious food from our onsite kitchen.

Classic Arcade Games

Do you love the arcade classics? You’re in luck – at Jump N Land, we have a number of classic arcade games for players longing for a nostalgic gaming experience. From Skee Ball to the Claw Machine, we have a number of classic arcade games that bring back the feeling of classic video game arcades from the 80s and 90s. Who doesn’t love winning a prize from the claw machine? We’ve got the right games to scratch your classic gaming itch here at the Jump N Land arcade in Sherman, Texas.

Sports Arcade Games

For the sports lover in all of us, Jump N Land has a vast selection of sports arcade games at the best arcade in Sherman. If you’re a basketball fan, step right on up and give our shoot-around games a shot. Race against the clock for the high score, or compete with a friend to see who can make the most buckets. Speaking of racing, we’ve even got car racing games for those that love the thrill of speed. Jump N Land even has air hockey for those with a thirst for competition. Come on down to Jump “N Land today to see what sports games the best arcade in Sherman, Texas has to offer!

Kids Birthday Party in Sherman Texas

Want a private VIP party? Early morning parties on weekends let you have the Jump ‘N Land space just for your group, so there are no worries about waiting for rides or games or mixing up groups. You can host your party on either Saturday or Sunday in the first time slot for an entire hour before Jump ‘N Land opens to the public, giving your group the run of the place. It’s probably the most fun way for kids to celebrate their birthday, and considering how excited every kid I know becomes at the mention of Jump ‘N Land I have a feeling it will be a huge hit with your kids too. To book your next party contact us here or call 903.893.4350 today!