Month: July 2020

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Bring Your Friends to Jump’N Land For International Day of Friendship!

At the end of the month, patrons from across the world will be able to engage in activities to commemorate International Day of Friendship. For some, parties will be thrown. For others, get-togethers will be planned. But for a select few, they’ll just attend local play areas for a good time. And if you happen to be in or near the Sherman, TX area, all you need to do is come to Jump’N Land for the most fun. If you’re a parent who’s looking to let their kids and their friends have fun on July 30th for International Day of Friendship, then continue reading below to see what Jump’N Land has to offer.

Indoor Play Area

At Jump’N Land, we’re well-known for our indoor play areas. When you bring your children and their friends here, you can have them hop around inside our indoor bounce houses. We also have an indoor playground as well as a soft play area for young children to have fun in, too. When you come in, all you need to do is kick back, relax, and let your kids and the others burn off their energy.


For International Day of Friendship, you can choose to have your children bring their friends with them. Or even better, they can make their own friends while they’re here at Jump’N Land. When you and your kids visit Jump’N Land, they’ll have the choice to make their own plush animal. They can choose from 10 different options in what type of plush animal they want. They can choose to dress it up or even give it some sounds.


Apart from our play area and Animaland, you can also have your children come to play in our arcade. Nothing builds up a good friendship than a little competitive spirit. If you want to challenge your friends in racing or other competitive arcade games, we have plenty. If not, no worries. You and your friends will have plenty of options when you come to visit Jump’N Land. We also have classic arcade games and even have simple quarter machines for the smallest of children to enjoy riding in.

Our Fun Foods

Nothing helps bring friends together than munching down on some good food. When your children and other friends are tuckered out from playing around, they can sit down and regain some energy from Jump’N Land’s kitchen. Order some of our delicious pizza, french fries, chicken nuggets, and more. We’re more than certain you’ll find something good to eat when you come to Jump’N Land.

Celebrate International Day of Friendship at Jump’N Land

For the ultimate International Day of Friendship celebration, come to Jump’N Land. Our indoor play area is the best place in all of Sherman, TX to have the most fun. We’re more than confident that when you bring your kids and their friends here, they won’t only have an absolute blast, they’ll also thank you for days after. For any inquiries, you may call us at 903.893.4350 or visit our contact page.