Month: April 2020

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Plan Your Next Birthday at Jump N’ Land

If you happen to live in Sherman, Texas and you’re wondering what you can do for your child’s birthday, then look no further than Jump N’ Land. Jump N’ Land provides customers and children an exciting experience that is unforgettable. Our business offers patrons the chance to jump around in the play zone, venture through our small playground area, play in our arcade, and eat some of our amazing food. Continue reading below and see how planning your child’s birthday party at Jump N’ Land could be one of the best ideas that you, as a parent, could ever have.


When you come to Jump N’ Land, expect to see a wide array of arcades for you to play at your convenience. We have a variety of games that cater to any audience of players. You can even bond with your children by playing together.

Sport Games

If you’re a sporty type, then perhaps you and your children could play one of our sports arcade games. We have hoops for you to shoot or race cars for you to drive. No matter what it is, you and your kids can compete and prove who is the better athlete.

Ticket Games

We have simple ticket games for all to enjoy. Play one or more of these simple games and earn tickets. When you get enough, you can choose from a wide variety of prizes that we offer. Some of these prizes include candies, toys, plushies, games, and more.

Toddler Games

If your children happen to be toddlers, no worries. We have small simple games for the little ones to enjoy. They can choose from easy ticket games to small kiddie rides.

Play Areas

At Jump N’ Land, we have a large Inflatable Party Zone full of excitement for children to enjoy. They can go toe-to-toe and race each other in our obstacle courses. Or bounce around in our indoor bounce houses.

If those options seem too extreme for your kids, it might interest you to know that we also have a softplay area.

We even have an indoor playground for younglings to enjoy.

Pizza & More

During the party, all those kids will sure burn energy off and will need to refuel at some point. When you come party at Jump N’ Land, take a look through our menu. We offer food items such as french fries, chicken nuggets, pizza, and more to all children. Just simply order off the menu and we’ll provide you and other guests with the desired food.

Party Packages

While we do offer much, we also offer it at affordable rates. It may interest you to know that we have party packages for different sizes of parties. We have packages ranging from the “Small Adventure” to “Room Adventure”; it’s your choice. To learn more about them, click HERE.

Plan Your Child’s Next Birthday Bash at Jump N’ Land!

If you want your children to have an unforgettable birthday celebration then book a party at Jump N’ Land in Sherman Texas. We’re confident that when you throw a party at our location, your child and others will talk about it for a long time. For any inquiries, you may call us at 903.893.4350 or visit our contact page.