Month: March 2020

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Celebrate Pi Day With Pizza Pies at Jump’N Land

3.14. It’s a number you don’t think of often, but when you do you probably think of the symbol of Pi. When it comes to March 14th (Pi Day), however, 3.14 starts to become synonymous with pizza, one of the most popular foods on the planet.

If you’re a patron of this annual holiday, then you should know that there’s no better way to celebrate it than to fill yourself with as much pizza as possible. If you happen to be in Sherman, Texas and are in need of this delicacy then look no further than to Jump’N Land.

Jump’N Land has a variety of activities for both parents and children to enjoy all the while enjoying food from our kitchen including – yes, you guessed it – pizza.  


Celebrate Pi Day With Pizza Pies at Jump’N Land

If you want to bond with your kids on this glorious holiday, then take a look through our collection of arcade games for you to enjoy. Love classic videogames? We have quite a few of those for you to reach the high score on. We also have rides and ticket games for your young ones to be occupied all day while you eat your pizza. But if you’re looking to really bond with your kids, get competitive and play some of our multiplayer games like our racing ones.

Inflatable Party Zone and Softplay Area

Maybe you don’t want to move around too much and just want to sit down and eat pizza, and that’s okay. You can do that all you want as your kids jump around in our inflatable party zone or enjoy themselves in the softplay area. We have bounce houses, an obstacle course, and other stuff for your kids to play in. We also have a small jungle gym playground for them to roam through.

A Variety of Food to Enjoy

Although it’s Pi Day, you don’t just have to celebrate it with pizza. As you sit and look through our menu take a look at the various foods we offer for guests. Instead of pizza, get yourself a plate of chicken nuggets or maybe some fries.

Our Party Packages

Have a big group of kids who want to play? No worries. Here at Jump’N Land, we offer various party packages for patrons to purchase at their disposal. You might be interested in our Special Adventure package where you’re granted at least 1 hour of play in the play zones.

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Come Over to Jump’N Land For Your Pi Day Celebration!

Want your Pi Day to be special? Then don’t hesitate to celebrate it at Jump’N Land! If you’re looking to enjoy your Pi Day at Jump’N Land or want to schedule for any other celebration such as birthdays call us at (903) 893-4350 or visit our contact page.