Month: December 2018

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How Bounce Houses Improve Your Kid’s Health

Now more than ever, inflatable indoor playgrounds have become increasingly popular. Reason being, kid’s get to unleash their energy in a place where they can literally bounce off the walls. Just one visit to Jump N Land’s indoor bounce house palace lets your child have the time of their lives while burning energy exercising. 

There are many significant health benefits your child gets jumping around our bouncers. The key to maintaining their overall health is through physical activity. With our indoor inflatable bouncers, your child has a ton of fun all while improving their physical development.

Develop A Strong & Balanced Body

One a child learns to walk and run, you know it is time to strengthen their larger muscle groups. This helps develop their motor skills. By jumping around safely in our bounce houses, your child’s core muscles begin to strengthen. Flexibility and agility also are strengthened.

A day at Jump N Land provides a full body workout that makes your child us every muscle in their body. The best part is, they have a blast the entire time.

Better Heart Health

It is essential that you get the blood pumping and flowing for your heart. And that is exactly what your child gets when jumping around our indoor bounce houses. It is essentially cardio that actually is fun from the moment you start to the moment you finish. This helps to decrease blood pressure as well as cholesterol levels. Overall, reducing the risk of any future heart diseases.       

Improved Balance

When you are jumping from one bounce house to another, your body is adjusting its balance. With every jump, your child’s brain is constantly working to help their body parts become in tune with one another. Overall improving their balance by learning to maintain a jumping motion at the same time not losing their balance.

Strengthen Their Bones

When your child bounces around our inflatable playground, their bones get put under stress. This is safe and absolutely beneficial since the repetition of jumping requires balance control. This strengthens the mineral deposit in their bones and helps prevent many joint or bone injuries from occurring.

Better Mood, Fewer Tantrums

At Jump N Land’s Indoor Bounce House palace, your child engages in a lot of social interaction. Mixed with the physical activities, natural endorphins get released. These endorphins elevate your child’s mood and relieve them on any feelings of stress or anger.

The ability to have a full body workout while laughing endlessly is what we are most proud of. At Jump N Land, you not only improve your child’s health. You also develop a bond that is created through the fun and excitement you share with your child. If your kids are ready to kick off their shoes and jump in on all of the fun, contact us, Jump N Land, at (903)-893-4350.